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It was a beautiful spring morning, and three  fishing buddies decided it would be the perfect day to go offshore fishing. They had gone  fishing together thousands of times since they were kids, but because of the hustle and bustle of life they had not been able to go in a few years. After kissing their families goodbye the guys loaded their fishing gear into their trucks, hooked up the boat and drove down to the local dock to start their deep-sea adventure.

Time flew by as they reminisced about some of their past fishing trips, and before they knew it  they were at one of their favorite fishing spots. As soon as the first pole hit the water the fish were biting; this day was turning out to be exactly what the guys needed. After a while one of the guys got a bite on his line; this was no ordinary…

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Spring fishing in Michigan: High stream flows may affect young trout

The Outdoor Journal

Trout fishing season opened statewide April 26, 2014 on many rivers and lakes, but some rivers, like the Muskegon River (shown) have been open all year. Photo: Howard Meyerson Trout fishing season opened statewide April 26, 2014 on many rivers and lakes, but some rivers, like the Muskegon River (shown) have been open all year. Photo: Howard Meyerson

By Howard Meyerson

Michigan’s trout fishing season opened April 26 on more than 1,400 rivers and streams. Add nearly 200 others open year-round, and by any account, there is a lot of water to explore.

Personally, I am ready. It’s been a long winter. I just need some cooperative weather. It’s hard to beat being out on rivers at this time of year.

But, what of this year with its crazy, cold weather, deep snows and spring flooding? Will the fishing be good? That’s a question state fish managers are waiting to answer.

Several biologists have mentioned the possibility that some trout populations may suffer a setback. Just which, how many, or how severely, is only speculation right now. Late summer…

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Deep Sea Fishing Texas and 3 Careless Lessons Learned

Some people leave their deep sea fishing trips happy, while others can have very bad experiences. To ensure a deep fishing trip is pleasant, there are some things that must be done in order to prepare properly for these and other associated ventures. This is why most Texas deep sea fishing professionals and Port Aransas fishing trips specialists assist people with their needs and instruct them on how to prepare. By giving this information in advance, it helps to ensure everyone one involved will have a happy and fruitful experience. Unfortunately, however, there are times when a novice hits the waters without having the knowledge and experience to make a successful trip. In these cases, they may spend a lot of money but they can make some major or common mistakes before hitting the seas. Listed below are some of the mistakes that can be made that will be costly time, entertainment, relaxation and in money. There are several Port Aransas charters, such as Dolphin Dock that you can call at anytime for more advice.

Not checking the weather for deep sea fishing trips

As stated previously, some people start out without completing the proper planning. In some cases, people even forget to check the weather. Which means, the day may start off sunny and clear in the morning and the afternoon but later in the day a storm may appear. Unfortunately, this can be a very critical mistake since it can place everyone and their lives in danger. Therefore, this is one of the first things that should be done to make sure there is no bad weather moving into the direction of the location that the boat will be positioned.

Not taking Dramamine on time for fishing charters Port Aransas

If individuals on the boat are prone to experiencing sea sickness, they should make sure that they take their Dramamine. Even though most people may know it, they may forget to bring it with them. Additionally, just because the person takes the Dramamine when their feet hit the deck, it does not mean that the seas will not get a little wavy from their start. So, it is important for these people to take them in enough time for them to take full effect.

Not Stretching and exercising when fishing in Texas

Sometimes the fish that people catch can be huge in size and these fish will tend to fight the fisherman in order to stay in the water. Which means, the size of the fish and the fight that the fisherman may need to encounter could require the person to be physically fit and prepared. This is why most seasoned fisherman recommend stretches and exercises prior to hitting the waters. In cases, where the fisherman is not prepared for the fight, they recommend making sure the Motrin is in the bag.

Getting ready for a fun and exciting deep sea fishing trip can be just what an individual needs when things get stressful. However, not being prepared fully for the trip can completely ruin the enjoyment. Therefore, there are some things that must be attended to before hitting the waters. From making sure Dramamine is on the boat to checking the weather, all of the preparation must be done before casting off to sea. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Please leave any comments if you have learned your lesson during a fishing trip the hard way. Here is your weekly video about the Texas red!

Big Fish: Wood carver enjoys fishing for those fish he carves

The Outdoor Journal

Bob Batchik created this giant steelhead carving as a commissioned work for musician Huey Lewis. The wood fish hangs over the front door of  the musician's California studeo. Photo: Courtesy of Bob Batchik. Bob Batchik created this giant steelhead carving as a commissioned work for musician Huey Lewis. The wood fish hangs over the front door of the musician’s California studio. Photo: Courtesy of Bob Batchik.

By Howard Meyerson

SYLVAN LAKE, MI — Bob Batchik has long been hooked on fish and fishing: bluegills, trout, bass, pike and perch. He isn’t fussy. He likes them all – particularly if he has a carving knife in hand.

An avid fly angler and suburban Detroit graphic designer, Batchik has carved out a niche and built a business creating colorful, sometimes super-sized, fish carvings that become bold adornments for client’s gardens, fences, cottages and cabins. A larger than life steelhead he carved in 2012, hangs over the door of Huey Lewis’s California music studio. The popular musician found Batchik’s work on the Internet and commissioned him to create the fish.

“I like the old way of…

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Deep Sea Fishing Guides In Texas

Finding the best spots for deep sea fishing in Texas provides can be a worthwhile goal that many people will want to consider. Port Aransas charters will offer an unforgettable trip for many families who are new to the idea of Texas deep sea fishing. This will give people the chance to land some impressive fish and create lasting memories. But it will be important to travel with a reputable agency, who will be dedicated to helping people enjoy their trip to the area. Fishing in Texas can also be a great way to cap off a tour of the coastal area, which has a distinct culture all of its own. One charter I personally recommend is Dolphin Dock Inc.

Plan Out Port Aransas Fishing Trips

Deep sea fishing trips do take some planning, since travelers will need to get the right kind of gear. But when they hire on Port Aransas charters, people will be impressed by the general experience that they can get along the way. These charter companies will have all the gear that people need to enjoy their trip while they are here. These boats will be stocked with everything that travelers need to enjoy their stay as well. The crew will be able to explain how to set up the rigging and how to prepare for some of these different types of trips.

Different Legal Guidelines

These charters will also help people deal with all of the legal guidelines associated with Texas deep sea fishing. These fishing trips can be set up in just a short amount of time. The crew will be able to help guests understand more information about the different types of limits that they might encounter. Some species of fish are also restricted and cannot be fished during certain times of the year. Guests on the ship may appreciate the opportunity to have the crew handle these issues and prevent any issues from occurring.

Set Up A Comprehensive Tour

It can also be helpful for people to think about whether they can actually set up fishing in Texas as part of a larger tour. Some groups may want to stay for a few nights or even weeks. These charter teams will be able to provide all of the accommodations that people may need. They typically structure these Port Aransas fishing trips for half days or whole days at a time. This could help groups schedule a time frame for their trips and adapt to them accordingly. This could be a valuable goal for people who need to improve the experience that they can get along the way.

Understand The Cost Of These Trips

Most people will need to understand more about the deep sea fishing Texas provides, including the cost of these trips. It is hard to overstate the importance of heading out on to these trips in advance as well. Travelers may want to schedule their trip well ahead of time, since this can help them secure better overall rates. There are certainly high tourist seasons in the area, so visitors will need to keep these time frames in mind as well.

Come Spring: The walleye move out of Saginaw Bay sometimes traveling hundreds of miles

The Outdoor Journal

Acoustic telemetry transmitters (also called “tags’) are inserted into the body cavity of walleyes. If you catch a walleye with a transmitter, call the phone number on the tag to receive a $100 reward! (Courtesy | Sean Landsman) Acoustic telemetry transmitters (also called “tags’) are inserted into the body cavity of walleyes. If you catch a walleye with a transmitter, call the phone number on the tag to receive a $100 reward! Photo: Courtesy | Sean Landsman, Great Lakes Fishery Commission.

By Howard Meyerson

Saginaw Bay is known as a walleye fishing haven. Literally millions of walleyes spawn there each year. State fisheries managers say the 1,143 square-mile bay is the single-most important place for walleye production on all of Lake Huron.

But every spring, just about now, many of those walleyes begin move out into Lake Huron on a journey, one that may take them hundreds of miles away. Researchers studying their whereabouts are increasingly coming to know that old “marble-eyes” is a true traveler.

“They move throughout Lake Huron,” explained Todd Hayden, a Great Lakes Fishery Commission researcher at the U.S. Geological Survey’s Hammond Bay Biological…

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Misty Monday Mornings!

Mum... how much longer?

Waking up to the sound of rain this morning in no way dampened my enthusiasm for the week; nor did seeing the thick mist wind itself around the trees discourage me.

Misty Monday Morning - love it!

In fact, it was quite the opposite, as after a week-end spent “cropping” with some amazingly talented women, my creative juices are flowing and all I want to do is get down into the Studio and start creating!!! 🙂

Even knowing I have six loads of washing to address doesn’t thwart me.

The children on the other-hand weren’t quite as “chipper”. It took more than one visit to each of their rooms this mornings to gently remind them it was time to prepare for school. Their response… “mum, how much longer?”

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The Best Fishing In Texas Is In Port Aransas

Located on beautiful Mustang Island, Port Aransas is a dream vacation getaway. With the blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico and white sandy beaches, it is the perfect destination for a sun filled, relaxing holiday. Port Aransas is also home to some of the best deep sea fishing Texas has to offer. Some of the fish in Texas can include flounder, tuna, and red fish. If you are looking for more excitement in your deep sea fishing trips, then perhaps a deep sea fishing trip for marlin or even shark is more your style. Do a search for Port Aransas charters and you’re bound to find a great one such as Dolphin Dock Inc.

Port Aransas Fishing Trips

With Port Aransas’ ideal location of the Texas’ gulf coast, it is quickly becoming a fisherman’s paradise. Surrounding the area are several freshwater locations that are ideal for catching bass and catfish. If you have the patience, you may even be able to reel in one of the area’s enormous fresh water red fish. It is not only fishing from around the shorelines, Port Aransas charters are always available to take you to some of the island best fishing spots. Drift out on the bay, and angle for trout and even black drum while taking in the panoramic sight of the bay and Mustang Island. Other Port Aransas charters will guide you into the hidden inlets where you can experience driftwood fishing in the shallower waters. Your fishing guide can even show you where to fish from the area’s historic and iconic lighthouse. If bigger fish are what you are looking for on your Texas deep sea fishing trip, then I recommend one of the area’s deep sea fishing excursions.

fishing in texas dolphin dock

Marlin, Sharks and Dolphins

Port Aransas charters are an experience like no other. Here, you can experience Texas deep sea fishing at it’s best. Cast your line for large, athletic marlin, or see if you are brave enough to wrestle a shark. Other fish that can be commonly found in the waters around Port Aransas can also include snapper and tuna. It is even possible to land a barracuda. During the spring, deep sea fishing trips can also include a stop to play with the dolphins. These intelligent and inquisitive marine mammals make their home around the area, and can be seen playing the bay. While Port Aransas may be known as a “Fisherman’s Paradise” to many, there is more to do and see on Mustang Island.

port aransas attractions dolphin dock

Port Aransas Attractions

Port Aransas is surrounded by miles of gorgeous white sandy beaches, perfect for sunbathing and shell collecting. Enjoy a romantic stroll along the water’s edge at sunset, and don’t forget to hunt for clams. The Port Aransas lighthouse is an iconic landmark on the island, with a rich history that should not be missed. Explore the different bird watching sites, including the highly recommended Paradise Ponds. Restaurants and local shops also line the main street and pier.


Fishing and More in Port Aransas

If you are looking for an ideal vacation spot that includes sun bathing, bird watching and fishing charters Port Aransas is the perfect destination for you. Enjoy the warm Texas sun while you cast for both fresh and salt water fish in this fisherman’s paradise. Thank you for stopping by. Let me know if and when you do visit this great vacation location. Enjoy this video which includes a BIG deep sea surprise!