Red Snapper Season has been the most succesful.

Texas bay or gulf fishing  Trips!! Just like our catches – Everything is bigger in Texas and so are our catches! A monster Bull Shark, a huge Grouper, Yellowfin Tuna, Blackfin Tuna, Kingfish, Ling, Dorado, Grouper, Snapper, & triggerfish!!!

Dolphn Docs is the place to go fishing

There are 4 to 24 hour fishing trips available. Perfect for the entire family. Also available are dolphin watches


Try Port Aransas Attractions For Your Texas Summer Fishing Vacation

With the summer almost upon us, have you given any thought of what you are going to do on your summer vacation?
Let me suggest something that the entire family will enjoy. Especially if the members of your family enjoy excitement as well as comfort with Port Aransas in the Gulf of Mexico near Corpus Christi has that and so much more to offer you and your family.
This article will give a brief overview of some of the fun you can expect to find waiting for you there. For those who crave excitement in your family there is fishing in Texas, which is some of the best in the world you can go out in the gulf and fish some of the most exciting game fish around the world. Fish like Sailfin, Skipjack, and Snapper abound in the Gulf Region.

fishing in texas dolphin dock
Another game fish, the Blue Marlin can grow up to over 10 feet in Length and the female can weigh in at 1800 pounds. You will need all your strength and stamina to land one of these beauties. This is why many anglers pro or amateur rely on deep sea fishing trips out of places like Port Aransas Texas, which is ideally situated to put you into the middle of the fishing action.
Easily accessible from the Corpus Christi airport for those who wish to fly in for a weekend fishing adventure or if you want to make a summer of it you can drive to Corpus Christi and then is just short trip by bridge or ferry.
Once you have settled into one of the many hotels, villas, beachfront condos or even the many summer cottages that dot the area. You can then try deep sea fishing Texas style and with the many charter services available. There is no limit of how long or when you want to come back after enjoying a day of fishing and the battle with the denizens of the deep ala Hemingway’s “Old Man and the Sea”. Except you will have state of the Art equipment and the latest in navigation and all the amenities you could ask for to make your experience exciting and yet comfortable for children and the ladies of your party.

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If fishing is not to their interest, then there are the many Port Aransas attractions, which include things like shopping in quaint seaside shops, and boutiques where you can purchase fashion and beachwear. There are many beachfront cafes and coffee shops where you can buy gifts for the friends and neighbors who will envy you your trip to this port on the edge of the paradise that is the Gulf of Mexico. For the teens and young adults Skydiving, Jet skis, Para-sailing and Windsurfing are some of the activities they can enjoy while dad enjoys one of the many fishing charters Port Aransas has to offer. No matter what your budget or number in your party, the ship masters and Charter experts have the right package to fit you time and level of expertise, from the Angler who has fished all over the world to the newcomer who needs help with buckling the fishing harness for the first time.

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Port Aransas charters can schedule your time and have the all the equipment ready to go when you arrive so you wouldn’t waste a moment of your vacation time. The ship captains know all of these waters and with their many years of experience, they can get you right to where the best fishing is to be found. Port Aransas fishing trips are the best to be found in the Gulf region. When you want the best in Texas deep sea fishing. You need only look to Port Aransas and Corpus Christi to have that summer vacation you and your family will never forget.

Your Very Own Texas Deep Sea Fishing Guide

Fishing is a very popular sport in Texas due to the many different species of fish that live in the oceans. This is particularly true in Port Aransas which is known as the fishing capital of Texas. There are many places around the four public fishing piers and here anglers can catch such fish as flounder, trout and redfish. For those who prefer fishing further out to sea when fishing in Texas, there are many different options in Port Aransas. One example you’ll find if you search online is Dolphin Dock.

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Deep Sea Fishing Trips

These are mostly carried out in small groups and the number of people that take part on these trips is normally determined by the size of the boat. The amount of time that is spent on the boat will also vary and can be anything from a few hours to all day. There are a number of companies in Texas that offer deep sea fishing trips so it should be easy for an angler to find a boat that has the amount of people that they prefer to fish with and that will be out on the water for the amount of time they want.

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Most companies will provide everything the angler needs on the day of the trip such as rods, bait and tackle. Many anglers find that taking part in these trips gives them an ideal opportunity to network with other like minded people and that they meet people that they can get together with in the future to arrange their own fishing trips, or to take another trip like the one they have just been on.

fishing in texas dolphin dock

Port Aransas Charters

Another popular option for fishing in Port Aransas is to charter a private boat. This is ideal if there are a large group of people who wish to fish together as some private charters will allow up to 40 people on the boat. The price of the charter will include a captain for the boat and also deckhands. Tackle, baits and rods are also usually included in fishing charters Port Aransas. The average length of a chartered fishing trip is at least eight hours and many companies allow customers to customize their trip and so longer hours may be available if required. Staff at the company will usually be happy to talk through all the requirements of the group before the final booking is made in order to give the customer the exact experience that they are looking for. This can be useful if the organizer of the trip is not sure exactly what they want the trip to entail and are in need of some advice.

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Port Aransas Attractions

Aside from the fish that live in Texas waters, one of the reasons why Port Aransas is such a popular destination for Texas deep sea fishing is that there are also many other attractions in the town itself. There are many miles of sandy beaches and a wide range of shops and boutiques. These will provide entertainment for the rest of the family while the angler is enjoying their Port Aransas fishing trips. This provides an excellent opportunity to incorporate a family holiday into a fishing trip.

Deep Sea Fishing Trips and Buying the Right Equipment

Some people in Texas enjoy all kinds of sports because they prefer to be out doors instead of on the inside watching television shows all the time. Even though entertainment on the inside may be preferable sometime, their true love is normally with the surrounding nature. This is especially true for people who enjoy things like deep sea fishing Texas, deep sea fishing trips, fishing charters Port Aransas, fishing in Texas and Port Aransas attractions. As these are times that we can relax and also enjoy all of the adventure that happens when a small or large group goes deep sea fishing for the day. Check out fishing charter sites online to get info on what to really expect.

Port Aransas fishing trips and Gathering all of the Equipment

Because deep sea fishing involves trolling the waters for extended periods of time with large fishing tackle, it can be considered an adventure that most people will never forget. So, for those who fall in love with these activities, they tend to be drawn to the deep sea and want to go back over and over again. However, before an individual can pick up this type of sport and proficient in it, there are some things that they will need to know, specifically if they are going to be prepared and want to take a leadership role in the fishing trips that they take in the future. One of which is securing everything that they need before taking out for the sea. For instance, part of the planning for the trip is to purchase the equipment that will be needed so that they will have a successful fishing trip. Some of the most common items will include fishing line, rods, lures, reel, bait and tackles. All of which are required including a specialized fishing boat since it a requirement for angling.

Port Aransas charters and Deep Sea Fishing Techniques

For those who are interested in finding out about the type of deep sea fishing that is available, here’s a brief overview of what will be involved in. Even though there are others, there are at least 2 common techniques used for deep sea fishing and they are known as trolling and bottom fishing. Therefore, this is information that the person should be familiar with at the start. As each type selected is normally based on the location of the fish that they are pursuing.

Port Aransas fishing trips, Trolling and Bottom Fishing

Trolling is a technique of deep sea fishing that requires keeping the fishing boat at a consistent speed of 6 knots. The bait people use is a fishing lure because they are designed to draw on a line through the sea and it is positioned a little below the surface of the water. On the other hand, when the group is using the technique of bottom fishing, they will use boat anchors in deep water along with specific hooks charged with lures. As these positioned in the proper place, they are then dropped into the bottom of the sea.

Many people enjoy deep sea fishing when they have been exposed to it and its overall environment. For those who want to become a part of these teams or take the lead, they must be familiar with the equipment needed, the type of boat required and the technique that is used in different situations. Thanks for stopping by. Here is a video about trolling and bottom fishing.

Deep Sea Fishing Texas and 3 Careless Lessons Learned

Some people leave their deep sea fishing trips happy, while others can have very bad experiences. To ensure a deep fishing trip is pleasant, there are some things that must be done in order to prepare properly for these and other associated ventures. This is why most Texas deep sea fishing professionals and Port Aransas fishing trips specialists assist people with their needs and instruct them on how to prepare. By giving this information in advance, it helps to ensure everyone one involved will have a happy and fruitful experience. Unfortunately, however, there are times when a novice hits the waters without having the knowledge and experience to make a successful trip. In these cases, they may spend a lot of money but they can make some major or common mistakes before hitting the seas. Listed below are some of the mistakes that can be made that will be costly time, entertainment, relaxation and in money. There are several Port Aransas charters, such as Dolphin Dock that you can call at anytime for more advice.

Not checking the weather for deep sea fishing trips

As stated previously, some people start out without completing the proper planning. In some cases, people even forget to check the weather. Which means, the day may start off sunny and clear in the morning and the afternoon but later in the day a storm may appear. Unfortunately, this can be a very critical mistake since it can place everyone and their lives in danger. Therefore, this is one of the first things that should be done to make sure there is no bad weather moving into the direction of the location that the boat will be positioned.

Not taking Dramamine on time for fishing charters Port Aransas

If individuals on the boat are prone to experiencing sea sickness, they should make sure that they take their Dramamine. Even though most people may know it, they may forget to bring it with them. Additionally, just because the person takes the Dramamine when their feet hit the deck, it does not mean that the seas will not get a little wavy from their start. So, it is important for these people to take them in enough time for them to take full effect.

Not Stretching and exercising when fishing in Texas

Sometimes the fish that people catch can be huge in size and these fish will tend to fight the fisherman in order to stay in the water. Which means, the size of the fish and the fight that the fisherman may need to encounter could require the person to be physically fit and prepared. This is why most seasoned fisherman recommend stretches and exercises prior to hitting the waters. In cases, where the fisherman is not prepared for the fight, they recommend making sure the Motrin is in the bag.

Getting ready for a fun and exciting deep sea fishing trip can be just what an individual needs when things get stressful. However, not being prepared fully for the trip can completely ruin the enjoyment. Therefore, there are some things that must be attended to before hitting the waters. From making sure Dramamine is on the boat to checking the weather, all of the preparation must be done before casting off to sea. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Please leave any comments if you have learned your lesson during a fishing trip the hard way. Here is your weekly video about the Texas red!

Deep Sea Fishing Guides In Texas

Finding the best spots for deep sea fishing in Texas provides can be a worthwhile goal that many people will want to consider. Port Aransas charters will offer an unforgettable trip for many families who are new to the idea of Texas deep sea fishing. This will give people the chance to land some impressive fish and create lasting memories. But it will be important to travel with a reputable agency, who will be dedicated to helping people enjoy their trip to the area. Fishing in Texas can also be a great way to cap off a tour of the coastal area, which has a distinct culture all of its own. One charter I personally recommend is Dolphin Dock Inc.

Plan Out Port Aransas Fishing Trips

Deep sea fishing trips do take some planning, since travelers will need to get the right kind of gear. But when they hire on Port Aransas charters, people will be impressed by the general experience that they can get along the way. These charter companies will have all the gear that people need to enjoy their trip while they are here. These boats will be stocked with everything that travelers need to enjoy their stay as well. The crew will be able to explain how to set up the rigging and how to prepare for some of these different types of trips.

Different Legal Guidelines

These charters will also help people deal with all of the legal guidelines associated with Texas deep sea fishing. These fishing trips can be set up in just a short amount of time. The crew will be able to help guests understand more information about the different types of limits that they might encounter. Some species of fish are also restricted and cannot be fished during certain times of the year. Guests on the ship may appreciate the opportunity to have the crew handle these issues and prevent any issues from occurring.

Set Up A Comprehensive Tour

It can also be helpful for people to think about whether they can actually set up fishing in Texas as part of a larger tour. Some groups may want to stay for a few nights or even weeks. These charter teams will be able to provide all of the accommodations that people may need. They typically structure these Port Aransas fishing trips for half days or whole days at a time. This could help groups schedule a time frame for their trips and adapt to them accordingly. This could be a valuable goal for people who need to improve the experience that they can get along the way.

Understand The Cost Of These Trips

Most people will need to understand more about the deep sea fishing Texas provides, including the cost of these trips. It is hard to overstate the importance of heading out on to these trips in advance as well. Travelers may want to schedule their trip well ahead of time, since this can help them secure better overall rates. There are certainly high tourist seasons in the area, so visitors will need to keep these time frames in mind as well.

The Best Fishing In Texas Is In Port Aransas

Located on beautiful Mustang Island, Port Aransas is a dream vacation getaway. With the blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico and white sandy beaches, it is the perfect destination for a sun filled, relaxing holiday. Port Aransas is also home to some of the best deep sea fishing Texas has to offer. Some of the fish in Texas can include flounder, tuna, and red fish. If you are looking for more excitement in your deep sea fishing trips, then perhaps a deep sea fishing trip for marlin or even shark is more your style. Do a search for Port Aransas charters and you’re bound to find a great one such as Dolphin Dock Inc.

Port Aransas Fishing Trips

With Port Aransas’ ideal location of the Texas’ gulf coast, it is quickly becoming a fisherman’s paradise. Surrounding the area are several freshwater locations that are ideal for catching bass and catfish. If you have the patience, you may even be able to reel in one of the area’s enormous fresh water red fish. It is not only fishing from around the shorelines, Port Aransas charters are always available to take you to some of the island best fishing spots. Drift out on the bay, and angle for trout and even black drum while taking in the panoramic sight of the bay and Mustang Island. Other Port Aransas charters will guide you into the hidden inlets where you can experience driftwood fishing in the shallower waters. Your fishing guide can even show you where to fish from the area’s historic and iconic lighthouse. If bigger fish are what you are looking for on your Texas deep sea fishing trip, then I recommend one of the area’s deep sea fishing excursions.

fishing in texas dolphin dock

Marlin, Sharks and Dolphins

Port Aransas charters are an experience like no other. Here, you can experience Texas deep sea fishing at it’s best. Cast your line for large, athletic marlin, or see if you are brave enough to wrestle a shark. Other fish that can be commonly found in the waters around Port Aransas can also include snapper and tuna. It is even possible to land a barracuda. During the spring, deep sea fishing trips can also include a stop to play with the dolphins. These intelligent and inquisitive marine mammals make their home around the area, and can be seen playing the bay. While Port Aransas may be known as a “Fisherman’s Paradise” to many, there is more to do and see on Mustang Island.

port aransas attractions dolphin dock

Port Aransas Attractions

Port Aransas is surrounded by miles of gorgeous white sandy beaches, perfect for sunbathing and shell collecting. Enjoy a romantic stroll along the water’s edge at sunset, and don’t forget to hunt for clams. The Port Aransas lighthouse is an iconic landmark on the island, with a rich history that should not be missed. Explore the different bird watching sites, including the highly recommended Paradise Ponds. Restaurants and local shops also line the main street and pier.


Fishing and More in Port Aransas

If you are looking for an ideal vacation spot that includes sun bathing, bird watching and fishing charters Port Aransas is the perfect destination for you. Enjoy the warm Texas sun while you cast for both fresh and salt water fish in this fisherman’s paradise. Thank you for stopping by. Let me know if and when you do visit this great vacation location. Enjoy this video which includes a BIG deep sea surprise!

Why Do People Take Up Fishing in Texas?

Deep sea fishing is one of the things people have started to take up as a hobby lately. It was once only regarded as a part of underwater study in the older times but this thinking has become an image of past. Taking up a new hobby can be the best thing people can do for themselves because on many occasions a new hobby is the thing that helps people to not only gain knowledge but also to start spending time for themselves and start doing something they really like. It is an important thing because it allows the self-development to start up and continue as it is necessary. Besides people enjoy spending time while engaging in their hobby and they want to do well while creating something people might really want to see. Fishing is a hobby many people do not understand but other love dearly and would not change for anything else in the world. Besides for guys it is sometimes the possibility to simply get away from their women and spend some quality time talking about the men things.

Alone or with somebody?

However, with a hobby like the deep sea fishing people simply enjoy the time alone or in a good company while trying to find the best spot and spend time trying to catch the best and the biggest fish there is. Fishing is one of those hobbies most people do not take up because for most fishers this is one of those things they have been doing in their childhood with their families and now they want to take up deep sea fishing to recreate and re-new the experience and the positive emotions which come with the hobby. This hobby has been taken to the next level as have been all the other hobbies out there with the equipment developing and changing all the time as well as the people becoming absolutely competitive when the fishing starts getting serious.

What kind of people like deep sea fishing?

It is important for people to learn to do even this hobby properly because there is still a possibility of injury. However, if there are other people enjoying the hobby, the risks of an injury are far less possible than for those who do not know how to do it properly. It is one of those things people enjoy doing and could call it a certain form of meditation as well as a good recreation way and possibility. Therefore, deep sea fishing is made for people who can take the deeper waters and maybe want to do this professionally now or someday in near or no so near future. However, it is more of a hobby for guys than for ladies as it asks certain physical labor to be done and not all the ladies can have the strength. However, it does not mean that ladies are not welcome to try it out and maybe even succeed depending on the fishing place, the company and, of course, depending on the fish itself which is one of the most important goals with any kind of fishing.

Deep Sea Fishing In Port Aransas

Some of the best deep sea fishing can be found in south Texas. Situated on the northern tip of Mustang Island, lies beautiful Port Aransas. Referred to as the “best kept secret on the Gulf Coast“, Port Aransas offers a wide variety of fresh and salt water fishing options. Only thirty minutes away from the bright lights of Corpus Christi, Port Aransas is a fisherman’s paradise. There are many great charters, but my personal favorite is Dolphin Dock.

Port Aransas Deep Sea Fishing

Located along the Gulf Coast, Port Aransas is a true fisherman’s paradise. There are plenty of places to fish from around the island, but for a true taste of deep sea fishing I recommend joining one of the chartered fishing excursions. Depending on the season, you can fish for everything from trout and redfish to tuna and shark. Other common catches also include my favorites tuna and flounder. Wrestle a large marlin into the boat, or lay back and watch the sun setting as you make your way back to the landing. Port Aransas is truly a beautiful spot along the gulf coast.

More than Deep Sea Fishing

Along with relaxing deep sea fishing trips, Port Aransas is home to some spectacular national and local fishing tournaments. Whether you are a young angler just starting out, or an experienced fisherman trying to beat a record, these tournaments are fun for the whole family. One of my favorite activities on the coast is the annual return of the dolphins. Book a charter and enjoy a day on the water. Watch the dolphins as they playfully swim along, while your captain shows you the best places for deep sea fishing. Whether you choose to venture further out into the gulf or stay closer to the island, it is sure to be a day you will never forget. The dolphins are here almost year round, but there best time to see them is in the cooler winter months.

On Dry Land

Port Aransas is also home to some of the most beautiful white, sandy beaches on the Texas Gulf Coast. Perfect for sunbathing and even fishing. Try hunting for crabs along the shoreline, or try nighttime fishing from the lighted piers. I always recommend taking the ferry across to Corpus Christi. Not only will tourists get to see some of the beautiful Texas coastline, but also visit many of the area attractions. Corpus Christi is home to several fine restaurants and shops, not to mention a thriving bar scene. Other attractions not to miss are the Lexington Air Craft Carrier Museum and the Texas State Aquarium.

Port Aransas is More than Deep Sea Fishing

Port Aransas is home to some of the best deep sea fishing on the gulf coast, but that is not all this beautiful area has to offer. Sunbathe on some of the best beaches in Texas, and see a wide assortment of wildlife and birds. Hunt for crabs and wrestle marlins, all in one day. Port Aransas truly has something special to offer everyone. Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy this video!

Visit Port Aransas for Its Attractions

There is a saying that everything is bigger in Texas, and that is certainly true for fishing in Texas. The gulf coast is home to some of the best fishing in the state, and no where is the fishing better than in Port Aransas. Whether you are fishing for tuna or flounder, or are wanting to pit your strength against a marlin or a shark, Port Aransas attractions and it’s fishing trips have just the right charter for you. Speaking of that, the right charter for me and my personal favorite is this site here:

port aransas attractions dolphin dock

Port Aransas Charters

Fishing charters in Port Aransas have something for every fisherman. Whether you prefer to stay on dry land and cast from the pier, or have an adventure at sea there is a perfect fishing trip for everyone. Some of the popular charters are the 4 and 12 hour excursions out into the waters of the bay. Here you can cast for everything from red snappers to black drum and trout. Head out to sea and battle for marlin, and even shark. To help make the trip even more enjoyable, many charters also include private cabins and stocked mini fridges. Longer charters include 24 to 80 hour charters, though advanced reservations are required for the longer excursions.

fishing in texas dolphin dock

Port Aransas Fishing Trips

Some of the most popular fishing trips on the island include night fishing off the beautifully lit Fisherman’s Pier, and day trips to the nearby island, St. Jo Island. On this tiny and pristine island, not only can you fish, but you can also enjoy a day of shell collecting and even surfing. Or try at nighttime fishing trip, and see what you can catch at night.

deep sea fishing trips dolphin dock

Port Aransas Attractions

Port Aransas is not only for dedicated fishermen, they are plenty of other things to see and do along the gulf like bath in the warm Texas sun. Port Aransas is also known for its beautiful white sand beaches, and there are plenty of pristine spots to lie down and soak up the sun. Only a short distance from the bustling city of Corpus Christie, many island vacationers take advantage of the city’s bustling nightlife. Also located in Corpus is the Texas State Aquarium and the Lexington Air Craft Carrier Museum, both attractions not to be missed.

fishing charters port aransas dolphin dock

Other attractions on the beautiful island of Port Aransas include sampling some of the delicious and fresh seafood at one of the many local restaurants, and browsing the quaint shops located along the main streets. With all that there is to see and do, it is no wonder this small island paradise is popular with more than just fishermen.

One attraction that should not be missed is the sunset dolphin watch, which runs from Memorial Day thru Labor Day. The chance to watch the dolphins at play should not be missed.

texas deep sea fishing dolphin dock

Fishing in Texas

It seems that only in Texas can you surf, sun bath, and watch the dolphins at play, and in Port Aransas it is possible. Not only does the gulf coast boast all of these fun activities, but it also has some of the best fishing around. Here you can fish for red snapper, and ling, or go further out and hunt for a blue marlin. Follow the seasons and fish for them all, you can in Port Aransas.