The Best techniques for fishing charters in Port Aransas

I’ve learned that alot of fishing charter companies start way before the crack of dawn. Purposely waking up in the middle of the night at 3 a.m. is never a good idea unless you’re doing so to get ready for Port Aransas fishing by first light. The captain to the fishing charter or boat likes to make the most distance in the morning before the sun hits. The water is deep-and the run is really long-and the amberjack, snapper and the grouper are far from the coast. At times hours and hours away. Most of these fish are not bay fish or right off the coast. So to make this catch – you will have to venture out – far.

There are so many little facts that you will need to be aware of to help you. It’s the little things that could make a big differnce to you having a better fishing trip on charters off the coast of Texas. We’re providing you few tips and techniques that will definitely make your next trip well worth the run.



When using circle hooks for Port Aransas fishing, go two to three sizes larger than you would if you were using J hook. You can find many circle hooks on the market. Be sure to buy one that described a complete circle and is positioned 90 degrees to the shank as it improves hookups.

Heavy duty rod is important as they can easily handle up to 100-pound braid without putting lot of heat on fish. For this type of Port Aransas fishing keep your drag locked down at all times. Also use heavy leaders-with 125 pound test minimum. This will make the fish make you go lighter.

Lures for Port Aransas fishing

Use any type of heavy jig if you want to target specific species. For instance, if you’re pursuing amberjack and snapper, you can use jigging tactics much higher in the water column. But due to their shape, jigs often sinks fast enough to get past amberjacks, snappers and other bait-pickers if you’re targeting groupers.

Once fish is hooked to a lure, the fight immediately begins, and you have better chance to keep it out of structure. When you’re new to an area or are just interested in exploring, trolling lipped plugs such as Bomber CD 30 with bottom-bouncing spots is a good way to prospect.


When You Get a Big Bite

Keep your rod pointed straight down and make sure you’re in contact with the bottom. Now bring your rod straight up, get two or three turns on the reel and firmly hold it there. The fish may jolt a few times but will also quit for just a second. That’s your window of opportunity. Get as much line of reel as possible and once you’ve successfully pulled your fish 10-12 feet or so off the bottom, it’s pretty much game is over for the fish.

Here are some fun facts about fishing charters in Port Aransas.


Port Aransas Attractions

One of the things I am looking forward to is a trip to Port Aransas Texas. It is right outside of Houston and not to far of a drive from San Antonio and Austin. There is so much to do in Port Aransas – on is fishing. Not only fishing in the bay but in the gulf. There is so much more to catch in the gulf when you go out about 10-15 hours. I know it’s a long trip – but the benefit is great. I love to eat tuna and tuna is very expensive in the grocery store and usually frozen. Taking a trip out in the gulf and catching a big catch may be worth the time and effort considering the cost of tuna


Why by canned tuna when you can get it fresh when you go on a deep see fishing trip in Port Aransas Tx,

Here is a picture I found from a 50 hour trip from Port Aransas. They mostly caught tuna, warsaw grouper, and baracuda. I hope these people have a big freezer – these fish will last a long time. Even thought it’s going into the winder months there is plenty of fish to catch.

Fall and Winter deep sea fishing in Texas

Going into to fall and winter there are on the long trips Tuna and vermillion tuna. Long trips are about 12-15 hour trips. For the shorter Port Aransas charters trips you can catch shark and king fish. These to are plentiful and make for a great meal

fish catch of the day

deep sea fishing guide texas

Deep Sea Fishing Guide in Texas

My advice is to get a great place to stay and call around to see the best deep sea fishing trips in texas are before booking any charter trips. Proof is in the pudding – look at their facebook page – see the review. Look at the pictures and definitely read the review on yelp too.

Gulf of Mexico Dolphin Watching

If you want to experience the thrill and adventure of a lifetime, then hire a Port Aransas Charter in Texas to take you deep into the Gulf of Mexico where you will experience an exciting day of dolphin watching.


Dolphin watching:

Being up close and personal with a pod of dolphins out on the open sea is an experience you will never forget, and it’s also an excellent way to spend quality time with family and friends participating in an event that’s a bit put of the ordinary.

You may be surprised by the behavior of the dolphins themselves, as they are extremely curious and will frequently swim right up on the boat for a closer look. Watch the younger dolphins as they experiment with their swimming abilities while others exhibit, or show off, their skills by performing acrobatic flips and turns that end with a big splash directly in front of the boat!


Spending a day on a Port Aransas Charter dolphin watching with your own private captain is a spectacular way to spend the day, although half day tours are available as well.


When you return from a beautiful sunny day dolphin watching out on the Gulf of Mexico, you will feel as if you’ve already enjoyed a few days vacation, and you will cherish the memory as long as you live.



Red Snapper Season has been the most succesful.

Texas bay or gulf fishing  Trips!! Just like our catches – Everything is bigger in Texas and so are our catches! A monster Bull Shark, a huge Grouper, Yellowfin Tuna, Blackfin Tuna, Kingfish, Ling, Dorado, Grouper, Snapper, & triggerfish!!!

Dolphn Docs is the place to go fishing

There are 4 to 24 hour fishing trips available. Perfect for the entire family. Also available are dolphin watches

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Try Port Aransas Attractions For Your Texas Summer Fishing Vacation

With the summer almost upon us, have you given any thought of what you are going to do on your summer vacation?
Let me suggest something that the entire family will enjoy. Especially if the members of your family enjoy excitement as well as comfort with Port Aransas in the Gulf of Mexico near Corpus Christi has that and so much more to offer you and your family.
This article will give a brief overview of some of the fun you can expect to find waiting for you there. For those who crave excitement in your family there is fishing in Texas, which is some of the best in the world you can go out in the gulf and fish some of the most exciting game fish around the world. Fish like Sailfin, Skipjack, and Snapper abound in the Gulf Region.

fishing in texas dolphin dock
Another game fish, the Blue Marlin can grow up to over 10 feet in Length and the female can weigh in at 1800 pounds. You will need all your strength and stamina to land one of these beauties. This is why many anglers pro or amateur rely on deep sea fishing trips out of places like Port Aransas Texas, which is ideally situated to put you into the middle of the fishing action.
Easily accessible from the Corpus Christi airport for those who wish to fly in for a weekend fishing adventure or if you want to make a summer of it you can drive to Corpus Christi and then is just short trip by bridge or ferry.
Once you have settled into one of the many hotels, villas, beachfront condos or even the many summer cottages that dot the area. You can then try deep sea fishing Texas style and with the many charter services available. There is no limit of how long or when you want to come back after enjoying a day of fishing and the battle with the denizens of the deep ala Hemingway’s “Old Man and the Sea”. Except you will have state of the Art equipment and the latest in navigation and all the amenities you could ask for to make your experience exciting and yet comfortable for children and the ladies of your party.

deep sea fishing texas dolphin dock
If fishing is not to their interest, then there are the many Port Aransas attractions, which include things like shopping in quaint seaside shops, and boutiques where you can purchase fashion and beachwear. There are many beachfront cafes and coffee shops where you can buy gifts for the friends and neighbors who will envy you your trip to this port on the edge of the paradise that is the Gulf of Mexico. For the teens and young adults Skydiving, Jet skis, Para-sailing and Windsurfing are some of the activities they can enjoy while dad enjoys one of the many fishing charters Port Aransas has to offer. No matter what your budget or number in your party, the ship masters and Charter experts have the right package to fit you time and level of expertise, from the Angler who has fished all over the world to the newcomer who needs help with buckling the fishing harness for the first time.

deep sea fishing trips dolphin dock
Port Aransas charters can schedule your time and have the all the equipment ready to go when you arrive so you wouldn’t waste a moment of your vacation time. The ship captains know all of these waters and with their many years of experience, they can get you right to where the best fishing is to be found. Port Aransas fishing trips are the best to be found in the Gulf region. When you want the best in Texas deep sea fishing. You need only look to Port Aransas and Corpus Christi to have that summer vacation you and your family will never forget.

Your Very Own Texas Deep Sea Fishing Guide

Fishing is a very popular sport in Texas due to the many different species of fish that live in the oceans. This is particularly true in Port Aransas which is known as the fishing capital of Texas. There are many places around the four public fishing piers and here anglers can catch such fish as flounder, trout and redfish. For those who prefer fishing further out to sea when fishing in Texas, there are many different options in Port Aransas. One example you’ll find if you search online is Dolphin Dock.

deep sea fishing trips dolphin dock 523

Deep Sea Fishing Trips

These are mostly carried out in small groups and the number of people that take part on these trips is normally determined by the size of the boat. The amount of time that is spent on the boat will also vary and can be anything from a few hours to all day. There are a number of companies in Texas that offer deep sea fishing trips so it should be easy for an angler to find a boat that has the amount of people that they prefer to fish with and that will be out on the water for the amount of time they want.

fishing charters port aransas dolphin dock

Most companies will provide everything the angler needs on the day of the trip such as rods, bait and tackle. Many anglers find that taking part in these trips gives them an ideal opportunity to network with other like minded people and that they meet people that they can get together with in the future to arrange their own fishing trips, or to take another trip like the one they have just been on.

fishing in texas dolphin dock

Port Aransas Charters

Another popular option for fishing in Port Aransas is to charter a private boat. This is ideal if there are a large group of people who wish to fish together as some private charters will allow up to 40 people on the boat. The price of the charter will include a captain for the boat and also deckhands. Tackle, baits and rods are also usually included in fishing charters Port Aransas. The average length of a chartered fishing trip is at least eight hours and many companies allow customers to customize their trip and so longer hours may be available if required. Staff at the company will usually be happy to talk through all the requirements of the group before the final booking is made in order to give the customer the exact experience that they are looking for. This can be useful if the organizer of the trip is not sure exactly what they want the trip to entail and are in need of some advice.

texas deep sea fishing dolphin dock

Port Aransas Attractions

Aside from the fish that live in Texas waters, one of the reasons why Port Aransas is such a popular destination for Texas deep sea fishing is that there are also many other attractions in the town itself. There are many miles of sandy beaches and a wide range of shops and boutiques. These will provide entertainment for the rest of the family while the angler is enjoying their Port Aransas fishing trips. This provides an excellent opportunity to incorporate a family holiday into a fishing trip.

Deep Sea Fishing Trips and Buying the Right Equipment

Some people in Texas enjoy all kinds of sports because they prefer to be out doors instead of on the inside watching television shows all the time. Even though entertainment on the inside may be preferable sometime, their true love is normally with the surrounding nature. This is especially true for people who enjoy things like deep sea fishing Texas, deep sea fishing trips, fishing charters Port Aransas, fishing in Texas and Port Aransas attractions. As these are times that we can relax and also enjoy all of the adventure that happens when a small or large group goes deep sea fishing for the day. Check out fishing charter sites online to get info on what to really expect.

Port Aransas fishing trips and Gathering all of the Equipment

Because deep sea fishing involves trolling the waters for extended periods of time with large fishing tackle, it can be considered an adventure that most people will never forget. So, for those who fall in love with these activities, they tend to be drawn to the deep sea and want to go back over and over again. However, before an individual can pick up this type of sport and proficient in it, there are some things that they will need to know, specifically if they are going to be prepared and want to take a leadership role in the fishing trips that they take in the future. One of which is securing everything that they need before taking out for the sea. For instance, part of the planning for the trip is to purchase the equipment that will be needed so that they will have a successful fishing trip. Some of the most common items will include fishing line, rods, lures, reel, bait and tackles. All of which are required including a specialized fishing boat since it a requirement for angling.

Port Aransas charters and Deep Sea Fishing Techniques

For those who are interested in finding out about the type of deep sea fishing that is available, here’s a brief overview of what will be involved in. Even though there are others, there are at least 2 common techniques used for deep sea fishing and they are known as trolling and bottom fishing. Therefore, this is information that the person should be familiar with at the start. As each type selected is normally based on the location of the fish that they are pursuing.

Port Aransas fishing trips, Trolling and Bottom Fishing

Trolling is a technique of deep sea fishing that requires keeping the fishing boat at a consistent speed of 6 knots. The bait people use is a fishing lure because they are designed to draw on a line through the sea and it is positioned a little below the surface of the water. On the other hand, when the group is using the technique of bottom fishing, they will use boat anchors in deep water along with specific hooks charged with lures. As these positioned in the proper place, they are then dropped into the bottom of the sea.

Many people enjoy deep sea fishing when they have been exposed to it and its overall environment. For those who want to become a part of these teams or take the lead, they must be familiar with the equipment needed, the type of boat required and the technique that is used in different situations. Thanks for stopping by. Here is a video about trolling and bottom fishing.