The Best techniques for fishing charters in Port Aransas

I’ve learned that alot of fishing charter companies start way before the crack of dawn. Purposely waking up in the middle of the night at 3 a.m. is never a good idea unless you’re doing so to get ready for Port Aransas fishing by first light. The captain to the fishing charter or boat likes to make the most distance in the morning before the sun hits. The water is deep-and the run is really long-and the amberjack, snapper and the grouper are far from the coast. At times hours and hours away. Most of these fish are not bay fish or right off the coast. So to make this catch – you will have to venture out – far.

There are so many little facts that you will need to be aware of to help you. It’s the little things that could make a big differnce to you having a better fishing trip on charters off the coast of Texas. We’re providing you few tips and techniques that will definitely make your next trip well worth the run.



When using circle hooks for Port Aransas fishing, go two to three sizes larger than you would if you were using J hook. You can find many circle hooks on the market. Be sure to buy one that described a complete circle and is positioned 90 degrees to the shank as it improves hookups.

Heavy duty rod is important as they can easily handle up to 100-pound braid without putting lot of heat on fish. For this type of Port Aransas fishing keep your drag locked down at all times. Also use heavy leaders-with 125 pound test minimum. This will make the fish make you go lighter.

Lures for Port Aransas fishing

Use any type of heavy jig if you want to target specific species. For instance, if you’re pursuing amberjack and snapper, you can use jigging tactics much higher in the water column. But due to their shape, jigs often sinks fast enough to get past amberjacks, snappers and other bait-pickers if you’re targeting groupers.

Once fish is hooked to a lure, the fight immediately begins, and you have better chance to keep it out of structure. When you’re new to an area or are just interested in exploring, trolling lipped plugs such as Bomber CD 30 with bottom-bouncing spots is a good way to prospect.


When You Get a Big Bite

Keep your rod pointed straight down and make sure you’re in contact with the bottom. Now bring your rod straight up, get two or three turns on the reel and firmly hold it there. The fish may jolt a few times but will also quit for just a second. That’s your window of opportunity. Get as much line of reel as possible and once you’ve successfully pulled your fish 10-12 feet or so off the bottom, it’s pretty much game is over for the fish.

Here are some fun facts about fishing charters in Port Aransas.


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