Port Aransas Attractions

One of the things I am looking forward to is a trip to Port Aransas Texas. It is right outside of Houston and not to far of a drive from San Antonio and Austin. There is so much to do in Port Aransas – on is fishing. Not only fishing in the bay but in the gulf. There is so much more to catch in the gulf when you go out about 10-15 hours. I know it’s a long trip – but the benefit is great. I love to eat tuna and tuna is very expensive in the grocery store and usually frozen. Taking a trip out in the gulf and catching a big catch may be worth the time and effort considering the cost of tuna


Why by canned tuna when you can get it fresh when you go on a deep see fishing trip in Port Aransas Tx,

Here is a picture I found from a 50 hour trip from Port Aransas. They mostly caught tuna, warsaw grouper, and baracuda. I hope these people have a big freezer – these fish will last a long time. Even thought it’s going into the winder months there is plenty of fish to catch.

Fall and Winter deep sea fishing in Texas

Going into to fall and winter there are on the long trips Tuna and vermillion tuna. Long trips are about 12-15 hour trips. For the shorter Port Aransas charters trips you can catch shark and king fish. These to are plentiful and make for a great meal

fish catch of the day

deep sea fishing guide texas

Deep Sea Fishing Guide in Texas

My advice is to get a great place to stay and call around to see the best deep sea fishing trips in texas are before booking any charter trips. Proof is in the pudding – look at their facebook page – see the review. Look at the pictures and definitely read the review on yelp too.


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