The Best Fishing In Texas Is In Port Aransas

Located on beautiful Mustang Island, Port Aransas is a dream vacation getaway. With the blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico and white sandy beaches, it is the perfect destination for a sun filled, relaxing holiday. Port Aransas is also home to some of the best deep sea fishing Texas has to offer. Some of the fish in Texas can include flounder, tuna, and red fish. If you are looking for more excitement in your deep sea fishing trips, then perhaps a deep sea fishing trip for marlin or even shark is more your style. Do a search for Port Aransas charters and you’re bound to find a great one such as Dolphin Dock Inc.

Port Aransas Fishing Trips

With Port Aransas’ ideal location of the Texas’ gulf coast, it is quickly becoming a fisherman’s paradise. Surrounding the area are several freshwater locations that are ideal for catching bass and catfish. If you have the patience, you may even be able to reel in one of the area’s enormous fresh water red fish. It is not only fishing from around the shorelines, Port Aransas charters are always available to take you to some of the island best fishing spots. Drift out on the bay, and angle for trout and even black drum while taking in the panoramic sight of the bay and Mustang Island. Other Port Aransas charters will guide you into the hidden inlets where you can experience driftwood fishing in the shallower waters. Your fishing guide can even show you where to fish from the area’s historic and iconic lighthouse. If bigger fish are what you are looking for on your Texas deep sea fishing trip, then I recommend one of the area’s deep sea fishing excursions.

fishing in texas dolphin dock

Marlin, Sharks and Dolphins

Port Aransas charters are an experience like no other. Here, you can experience Texas deep sea fishing at it’s best. Cast your line for large, athletic marlin, or see if you are brave enough to wrestle a shark. Other fish that can be commonly found in the waters around Port Aransas can also include snapper and tuna. It is even possible to land a barracuda. During the spring, deep sea fishing trips can also include a stop to play with the dolphins. These intelligent and inquisitive marine mammals make their home around the area, and can be seen playing the bay. While Port Aransas may be known as a “Fisherman’s Paradise” to many, there is more to do and see on Mustang Island.

port aransas attractions dolphin dock

Port Aransas Attractions

Port Aransas is surrounded by miles of gorgeous white sandy beaches, perfect for sunbathing and shell collecting. Enjoy a romantic stroll along the water’s edge at sunset, and don’t forget to hunt for clams. The Port Aransas lighthouse is an iconic landmark on the island, with a rich history that should not be missed. Explore the different bird watching sites, including the highly recommended Paradise Ponds. Restaurants and local shops also line the main street and pier.


Fishing and More in Port Aransas

If you are looking for an ideal vacation spot that includes sun bathing, bird watching and fishing charters Port Aransas is the perfect destination for you. Enjoy the warm Texas sun while you cast for both fresh and salt water fish in this fisherman’s paradise. Thank you for stopping by. Let me know if and when you do visit this great vacation location. Enjoy this video which includes a BIG deep sea surprise!


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