Fishing Charters in Port Aransas, One of Many Attractions

Growing up, my brother and I looked forward to our yearly trip deep sea fishing in Texas…(Port Aransas) with our dad, granddad, uncles, and cousins. That is why when my brother told me he was getting married I knew that his bachelor party was going to include a Port Aransas fishing trip. After doing a quick Google search, I found that there were plenty of fishing charters in Port Aransas to choose from. There were many sites to choose from, but one in particular caught my attention because of the cool design. View the site here.


Planning Our Deep Sea Fishing Trip

I decided on a 12 hour trip, long enough to get in some good fishing, but not long enough to annoy each other. I found out that we could bring our own rods and reels or rent them onboard. Bait would be provided on board. I also learned that any deep sea fishing trips in TX requires a valid fishing license, if you are over 21.

port aransas fishing trips dolphin dock inc

My brother and I already had one, but it didn’t include saltwater fishing so we would need to pay $5 for a special stamp before we got on the boat. There were a few groomsmen from out of state that would have to purchase a One-day All Water Pass for $18. Most bought it online because it was so easy. So, a few weeks later, we threw some clothes in a bag and made the four hour drive to the coast from Austin.

deep sea fishing trips dolphin dock inc

Texas Deep Sea Fishing at Its Best

​I’m not going to lie. I seriously considered taking a few 12 packs out on the water with us. It was a bachelor party, but the charter company doesn’t allow it. I found out too many do unless you rent a party boat. It didn’t matter. We still had a blast, or those of us did who were wearing a sea sickness patch. Yeah, even though it was June, it was incredibly windy with 10 foot waves making the boat unsteady to say the least.

fishing charters port aransas dolphin dock inc jan27

​We did some serious damage to the vermilion snapper population on this trip. It seemed like we were catching them left and right and they were all good sizes. The biggest one we caught was just short of 17 lbs. We also pulled up a few king mackerel, two sharks, and one tuna. All in all, it was a great deep sea fishing trip, but it seemed like it was over too quick. Next time, I’m definitely thinking of booking a 24 to 36 hour trip.

fishing in texas dolphin dock inc

A Slippery Conclusion

​This was a bachelor weekend so after we got back to the hotel we were ready to go out. There was only one problem. There wasn’t a whole lot for a group of bachelors to do in Port Aransas. After talking to the desk clerk, we went all out and booked a limo to drive us over to Corpus Christi to hit up the clubs and bars there. This way we had a designated driver so we could all have fun. I’m not really sure what all we did, but based on the pics on our phones, it was wild! I cannot wait to go deep sea fishing in Port Aransas again and follow it up with a trip to Corpus Christi.

port aransas attractions dolphin dock inc


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