One of Many Port Aransas Attractions

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There goes the cap’n…

Anyone looking for great deep sea fishing trips should take a look at some of the Port Aransas fishing trips. This historic island is located in Texas, where everything is bigger including the fish. Port Aransas has been home to the Spanish and to the infamous pirate Jean Lafitte. The island was becoming famous for it’s great deep sea fishing as early as the 1890’s, and that is still true today.

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True peace…

Port Aransas Attractions

Along with great Port Aransas fishing trips, visitors can also visit some of the village’s attractions. There are six historical markers in the village, along with the historical cemetery and the Lydia Ann Lighthouse. The Port Aransas Museum is open to visitors, and offers an interesting look at the area’s history, including the destruction of the village in 1919. Some people wanting to learn a little bit more about their fish, may enjoy a visit to the University of Texas Marine Science Institute located on Cotter beach. At the institute, desperate fisherman can learn about ocean currents and behaviors patterns of certain fish. Hopefully increasing their chances of catching the “big one”.

port aransas fishing trips dolphin dock inc

I can hear the waves…

Port Aransas Charters

If the area attractions do not interest you, then the Port Aransas fishing should get your attention. Fishing in Texas is like everything else in the state, bigger. There are 300 different kinds of fish in the Port Aransas waters, so that should grab your attention. Click here to see a site of one place that looks great. After fishing, you can take your prize catch to one of the area restaurants and have them serve it right up. Known as the “Fishing Capital of Texas” you are sure to find the perfect Port Aransas fishing trip.

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This cage has seen many of catch!

Port Aransas charters offer fishing trips that will always be remembered. There are several private charters for hire, and all of them promise to provide a great fishing experience. Perfect for group or family fishing trips, these chartered fishing boats will take you and your guests to some of the island’s best fishing locations.

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Sign of age and wisdom…

Texas deep sea fishing can also be done on dry land, thanks to the four fishing piers located in Port Aransas. From these lighted piers, you can catch the same great trout, marlin, and flounder as the charter boats. Other amazing fish commonly caught in these waters include, black drum, redfish, tuna, sailfish, and kingfish. A word of warning though, don’t be surprised if a dolphin suddenly comes up to visit. Dolphins are plentiful around Port Aransas.

Fishing In Texas

Summer is a great time to be a fisherman in Port Aransas. The village is proud to host over 20 fishing tournaments, including the Deep Sea Roundup. This Texas deep sea fishing tournament is the oldest fishing tournament on the gulf coast of Texas, and is a great place to show off your amazing fishing skills.

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Almost time to drop the lure…

Whether you choose private Port Aransas charters or rent a boat on your own, you are sure to catch something there. It is rare that a place can truthfully say that “the fish are always biting” like they do in this place in Texas.

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