Fishing Charters in Port Aransas, One of Many Attractions

Growing up, my brother and I looked forward to our yearly trip deep sea fishing in Texas…(Port Aransas) with our dad, granddad, uncles, and cousins. That is why when my brother told me he was getting married I knew that his bachelor party was going to include a Port Aransas fishing trip. After doing a quick Google search, I found that there were plenty of fishing charters in Port Aransas to choose from. There were many sites to choose from, but one in particular caught my attention because of the cool design. View the site here.


Planning Our Deep Sea Fishing Trip

I decided on a 12 hour trip, long enough to get in some good fishing, but not long enough to annoy each other. I found out that we could bring our own rods and reels or rent them onboard. Bait would be provided on board. I also learned that any deep sea fishing trips in TX requires a valid fishing license, if you are over 21.

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My brother and I already had one, but it didn’t include saltwater fishing so we would need to pay $5 for a special stamp before we got on the boat. There were a few groomsmen from out of state that would have to purchase a One-day All Water Pass for $18. Most bought it online because it was so easy. So, a few weeks later, we threw some clothes in a bag and made the four hour drive to the coast from Austin.

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Texas Deep Sea Fishing at Its Best

​I’m not going to lie. I seriously considered taking a few 12 packs out on the water with us. It was a bachelor party, but the charter company doesn’t allow it. I found out too many do unless you rent a party boat. It didn’t matter. We still had a blast, or those of us did who were wearing a sea sickness patch. Yeah, even though it was June, it was incredibly windy with 10 foot waves making the boat unsteady to say the least.

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​We did some serious damage to the vermilion snapper population on this trip. It seemed like we were catching them left and right and they were all good sizes. The biggest one we caught was just short of 17 lbs. We also pulled up a few king mackerel, two sharks, and one tuna. All in all, it was a great deep sea fishing trip, but it seemed like it was over too quick. Next time, I’m definitely thinking of booking a 24 to 36 hour trip.

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A Slippery Conclusion

​This was a bachelor weekend so after we got back to the hotel we were ready to go out. There was only one problem. There wasn’t a whole lot for a group of bachelors to do in Port Aransas. After talking to the desk clerk, we went all out and booked a limo to drive us over to Corpus Christi to hit up the clubs and bars there. This way we had a designated driver so we could all have fun. I’m not really sure what all we did, but based on the pics on our phones, it was wild! I cannot wait to go deep sea fishing in Port Aransas again and follow it up with a trip to Corpus Christi.

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The Joys of Texas Deep Sea Fishing

There is nothing quite like the exhilaration of deep sea fishing in Texas. It is like no other fishing trip where you might simply land a mackerel or a trout. You are out to wrestle with large fish that lives in the darkness well below the surface of the ocean and if you are lucky you might catch a lantern fish or a huge specimen with an exotic name like a flashlight fish,cookie cutter shark, bristle mouth, humpback angler fish or a viper fish. The very names send a shiver down your spine and give you a slight idea of what you are up against. There are several places to book such a trip from Galveston to Port Aransas. The most popular area, and my personal favorites are in the lower Gulf and one of many Port Aransas attractions. These favorites I speak of are fishing charters in Port Aransas. Click here to view one of many great Port Aransas charters.

Deep Sea Fishing in Texas is A Unique Experience

I had only fished off the beach or been out in a small charter boat with a party of anglers with a single rod and line so I knew to experience my first deep sea fishing I had to go with an experienced skipper who would show me the ropes and guide me through the process. I did not expect to catch anything on my first trip but the thrill of expectation was there without the fear of getting myself into trouble. My expectations were wrong, I caught several fish that I could have only dreamed of.  I was told Texas was the best place to start and my first experience proved to be right about that. I have posted several videos in this article to give you an idea of what I experienced.

My Favorite Out of All Port Aransas Attractions

Port Aransas is a small town, in fact the only town, on Mustang Island in the Gulf of Mexico and it was a favorite haunt of smugglers in the early 19th Century. The locals believe there is still a pirate treasure chest buried there but although many people have searched for the silver dagger that is supposed to mark the spot no-one has ever found it.

I chose Port Aransas in case I did not enjoy my first deep sea fishing experience as it has lovely beaches and you can even go sky diving there. One of the most popular places to visit is the Leonabelle Turnbull Birding Center where you can walk along a boardwalk over open water and watch the turtles, fish, pelicans and ducks. They even lent me a pair of binoculars as I had left mine in my condo. But I had come to go fishing in Texas so that had to be my main priority.

Fishing Charters In Port Aransas

After doing some research online, several reviews steered me to Dolphin Dock fishing charters in Cotter Avenue as they will take all standards of fishermen out from beginners to experienced deep sea anglers. If you are on your own they will slot you in to a group at a similar level to yourself and their trips last from five hours to 24 hours although the five hour trips only take place in the summer months when you go out from 3.30pm to 8.30pm. They usually start beginners off with a four hour bay fishing trip leaving at 8am and returning at 1pm to see how they like it before venturing further out.

All the equipment you need for deep sea fishing is provided by the charter company but they advise to take plenty of sunscreen and insect repellent and wear sunglasses and a hat. The glare from the sea burns you quicker than on land. I wore shorts and a T-shirt but you can wear a swimming costume if you want and deck shoes and you should bring plenty of water to keep you hydrated.

Summarizing Port Aransas Fishing Trips

There are plenty of opportunities to go deep sea fishing in Port Aransas especially round the Fisherman’s Wharf area. You can even walk on to a boat without booking if space is available although it is best to book. I went on a catamaran from there and saw someone catch a beautiful six foot sailfish weighing 170 lbs. and on the same trip a lady caught a 129 lb. spinner shark. Can you, or have you ever imagined doing such a thing? My first time was not my last. I can thoroughly recommend deep sea fishing as part of your bucket list, especially in Port Aransas. Once you have done it you will never want to fish from on land ever again.

Enjoy Deep Sea Fishing And More In Texas

Deep sea fishing in Texas  is legendary off of the Texas Gulf Coast. It is easy to enjoy deep sea fishing trips around the mellow island life style of Port Aransas easily found through several Port Aransas charters. One of many that I have had personal experience with is The Gulf Coast in Texas has something for everyone whether you enjoy deep sea fishing trips and the wind and salt air on your face or prefer to shop and delight in fine dining. Look into Port Aransas attractions and I guarantee you’ll find something to do for yourself or the entire family.

Even the Fish are Bigger in Texas

Deep sea fishing offshore on Texas’ Gulf Coast is an amazing adventure that any angler will enjoy. There are numerous charters available and fishing is possible year round. Relish fishing over reefs, oil rigs, wrecks, or in the Gulf Stream. In season, it is possible to trail commercial shrimp fishing boats. Very large sport fish are known to trail behind these boats making the possibility of a brag worthy trophy catch a definite possibility!

Prime migratory routes for a variety of sport fish species are available just a few miles offshore of Texas’ Gulf Coast. Cast a line for shark, tuna, marlin, mahi mahi, ling, red snapper, kingfish, king mackerel and many other species. Match your wit and muscles against some amazing sport fish while deep sea fishing off Texas’ coast.

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Port Aransas Attractions

Port Aransas is the only established city on Mustang Island and is well known for it’s fishing possibilities but also has plenty to do for the non angler. Explore white sandy beaches, hike and bird watch, enjoy a sunset cruise or fish from lighted piers. Port Aransas has many shopping and fine dining destinations and it is just a short ferry ride away to Corpus Christi where there are even more shops and restaurants. Corpus Christi is also home to the Texas State Aquarium and the Lexington Air Craft Carrier Museum. There is plenty to do for people who prefer to keep their feet firmly planted on the ground while others in their party are out enjoying a day of whirring fish lines and salty air.

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Port Aransas Fishing Charters

There are numerous charters available in Port Aransas. Charter a boat for you and your party, charter a boat for a fishing tournament, or sign up for a general fishing expedition. Captains are experienced and have reputations for getting anglers on the fish. Charter fishing is a huge tradition in Port Aransas and people come to check out the fishing situation and often come back year after year to experience the fine opportunities and many species available to fish.

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Whether you are a hard core angler out to reel in a trophy sport fish, an easy going fisherman out to enjoy the feel of the salt and sunshine on your skin, or a person who prefers to stay in port. Port Aransas and Texas’ Gulf Coast has something for you. Numerous fishing opportunities via guided charters are available, fine dining and shopping are an excellent choice for the non angler, and white sandy beaches and great bird watching are waiting for the avid beach walker/bird watcher. Check out Port Aransas fishing opportunities and get ready to enjoy what Texas’ Gulf Coast has to offer.

One of Many Port Aransas Attractions

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There goes the cap’n…

Anyone looking for great deep sea fishing trips should take a look at some of the Port Aransas fishing trips. This historic island is located in Texas, where everything is bigger including the fish. Port Aransas has been home to the Spanish and to the infamous pirate Jean Lafitte. The island was becoming famous for it’s great deep sea fishing as early as the 1890’s, and that is still true today.

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True peace…

Port Aransas Attractions

Along with great Port Aransas fishing trips, visitors can also visit some of the village’s attractions. There are six historical markers in the village, along with the historical cemetery and the Lydia Ann Lighthouse. The Port Aransas Museum is open to visitors, and offers an interesting look at the area’s history, including the destruction of the village in 1919. Some people wanting to learn a little bit more about their fish, may enjoy a visit to the University of Texas Marine Science Institute located on Cotter beach. At the institute, desperate fisherman can learn about ocean currents and behaviors patterns of certain fish. Hopefully increasing their chances of catching the “big one”.

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I can hear the waves…

Port Aransas Charters

If the area attractions do not interest you, then the Port Aransas fishing should get your attention. Fishing in Texas is like everything else in the state, bigger. There are 300 different kinds of fish in the Port Aransas waters, so that should grab your attention. Click here to see a site of one place that looks great. After fishing, you can take your prize catch to one of the area restaurants and have them serve it right up. Known as the “Fishing Capital of Texas” you are sure to find the perfect Port Aransas fishing trip.

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This cage has seen many of catch!

Port Aransas charters offer fishing trips that will always be remembered. There are several private charters for hire, and all of them promise to provide a great fishing experience. Perfect for group or family fishing trips, these chartered fishing boats will take you and your guests to some of the island’s best fishing locations.

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Sign of age and wisdom…

Texas deep sea fishing can also be done on dry land, thanks to the four fishing piers located in Port Aransas. From these lighted piers, you can catch the same great trout, marlin, and flounder as the charter boats. Other amazing fish commonly caught in these waters include, black drum, redfish, tuna, sailfish, and kingfish. A word of warning though, don’t be surprised if a dolphin suddenly comes up to visit. Dolphins are plentiful around Port Aransas.

Fishing In Texas

Summer is a great time to be a fisherman in Port Aransas. The village is proud to host over 20 fishing tournaments, including the Deep Sea Roundup. This Texas deep sea fishing tournament is the oldest fishing tournament on the gulf coast of Texas, and is a great place to show off your amazing fishing skills.

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Almost time to drop the lure…

Whether you choose private Port Aransas charters or rent a boat on your own, you are sure to catch something there. It is rare that a place can truthfully say that “the fish are always biting” like they do in this place in Texas.

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