Any time is a good time to fish!

i like this one 🙂

Mum... how much longer?

Even signs saying “Closed for the Winter” couldn’t deter Master Twelve yesterday morning. Rumor had it the trout were biting so fishing we were going.

Closed for Winter

It was no surprise after finding another path down to the river, Master Twelve and I had the entire river to ourselves. It was simply glorious, sitting listening to the various birds each take their turn to sing.

Fly fishing - the entire river to himself!

We couldn’t believe how much the river level had dropped since the summer. The section on the right had completely stopped flowing, appearing not to have flowed for quite some time.

Considering how little water there was it was surprising that these were the only bones I could find from all those rotting fish from only a couple of months ago!

Fish Bones

It was such a lovely morning down on the river that it’s not Master Twelve who is asking about our next fishing excursion, it’s…

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