Port Aransas Fishing Adventures

If you’re around South Texas and looking to fish, there are many charter boats and deep sea fishing trips to choose from. You can choose from bay and offshore fishing, or the jetties provide an ideal location for Port Aransas fishing. Your catch may include such species as trout, redfish, flounder, grouper, red snapper, tuna, marlin or shark. If you’re in Port Aransas check out one of our many area fishing guides or party boats to make your vacation something special and one to remember. It doesn’t matter if you’re just a casual fisherman on vacation or a hardcore enthusiasts wanting to catch that next record there is always great fishing in Port Aransas.
While visiting family in Texas many years ago, I was amazed to see the deck hand or first mate of this big charter fishing boat we were on work harder than any man I had ever seen. This was a boat that held 60 to 80 people, most were fishing. The deck hand’s job was to pass out poles to everyone fishing on board. He was also tasked with baiting every pole on board and removed any fish caught and put them on your specific stringer to collect at the end of the day. If you snagged a fish, you just yelled “fish on” and he would be there as fast as he could. It was a very impressive show. After our eight hours at sea, fishing and carrying on like pirates the boat was docked and we came ashore. 


Our whole group was exhausted and ready to feel solid ground. To our amazement, are hard working deck hand was not finished yet. As we came off the boat our group’s catch for the day was handed to us by our deck hand and he told us if we wanted them filleted for a fee or half the catch the deck would do it once all had came ashore. It was an amazing experience for our group and will be talked about and remembered for years.
Our group went deep sea fishing Texas style and never looked back. It was many of our family’s first time in the ocean and to get to share that all together is a priceless experience. Port Aransas charters might be just what your next family vacation needs to make it that special one the kids and grandkids won’t forget. South Texas is perfect for charter fishing, family fishing and all around deep sea fun for everyone.
There are many Port Aransas attractions to choose from. I am partial to fishing to begin with though, so it’s an easy choice for me. If it’s Port Aransas fishing trips you’re looking for then look no further, because Port Aransas is number 1 in Texas deep sea fishing charters.



Any time is a good time to fish!

i like this one 🙂

Mum... how much longer?

Even signs saying “Closed for the Winter” couldn’t deter Master Twelve yesterday morning. Rumor had it the trout were biting so fishing we were going.

Closed for Winter

It was no surprise after finding another path down to the river, Master Twelve and I had the entire river to ourselves. It was simply glorious, sitting listening to the various birds each take their turn to sing.

Fly fishing - the entire river to himself!

We couldn’t believe how much the river level had dropped since the summer. The section on the right had completely stopped flowing, appearing not to have flowed for quite some time.

Considering how little water there was it was surprising that these were the only bones I could find from all those rotting fish from only a couple of months ago!

Fish Bones

It was such a lovely morning down on the river that it’s not Master Twelve who is asking about our next fishing excursion, it’s…

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Planning Ahead For The Best Deep Sea Fishing In Texas

Nothing compares to the feeling of anticipation you get from planning a fishing trip. Planning ahead is important to ensure you most enjoy your time fishing. Finding a charter service is your first step when planning for deep sea fishing in Texas.

other september 2 catch dolphin dock

Just another day at the dolphin dock port aransas

Many charter boats and their captain are available online. Keep in mind when talking to the captain about whether or not you feel comfortable talking to that person. Consider how long you may be out on the water with the captain. Making sure you feel at ease around that person help to ensure you better enjoy your trip. Learn more about boat captains by reading online reviews posted by other fishermen.

other september catch dolphin dock

wouldn’t you like to fish from one of our many port aransas charters?

Reserving your charter trip place is extremely important and will more than likely mean you placing a deposit for holding your place. Many fishermen like to plan big trips ahead of time so nothing important is forgotten or left behind at home.

Finding out about the gear and tackle you will need to take with you on your deep sea fishing trip is important. The captain of the boat you are going out on will be happy to tell you all the vital information about tackle and other kinds of gear like clothing and if you will need to take your own foods. Some chartered boats provide meals and everything else you will need while others do not offer these amenities.

Never choose a chartered trip simply because you like the boat. Many visitors and tourist in Port Aransas walk the docks looking for the best and cheapest rates for chartered fishing in Texas. However, taking the time to meet the captain of every boat you are considering is important. Asking captains how long they have been in the business of chartering is wise. Avoid captains that have little experience for making sure you have greater chances of an enjoyable trip.

fishing in texas

catch of the day at dolphin dock

If you drink alcohol or smoke, making sure about the rules regarding these things on a fishing charter is important. Many captains do not mind if you drink as long as you do so responsibly. The same is also true about smoking. However, there are many captains that do not allow either alcohol or tobacco products on board.

port aransas attractions

if this isn’t proof we know fishing in texas, i don’t know what is

When you get back to shore after your fishing trip is over, you might consider checking out some of the Port Aransas attractions.  Mustang Island Park is a great place to enjoy a picnic lunch. If you enjoy the sand and surf, visiting Port Aransas Beach can be worthwhile. Remember to check out the dining and accommodations in the region at the same time you are making reservations for your charter fishing boat. Doing so will ensure you have all the little details taken care of before you arrive in Port Aransas.

When planning a deep sea fishing trip in Texas, be sure to find out if you can take your family along with you. Most chartered boats do offer room for the kid and spouse, but some chartered trips do not allow children because of insurance reasons. Always inquire about these kinds of rule before you pay a deposit for holding your place.

Keeping all these things in mind will guarantee you have an adventure of a lifetime. Now if you’re already an experienced fisherman, or woman, feel free to send my article to someone that plans on doing some fishing for the first time.